Top female characters ! Yep.. It feels really great to present this topic .

Tamil cinema with its wide history has given many genres of films till date. Though Tamil industry being a pioneer in the south it has always had a complaint of under utilizing and objectifying women.

Tamil industry had directors in the past who broke the myth of women in cinema like K.Balachander. But the proportion seemed to be less.

As time changed the proportion got increased with the help of fresh minds into the industry and kollywood started to produce some top knotch intellectual films. Sooner we may see great heights with this kind of progress.

2017 is one the year where tamil cinema touched great feets into the bigger BO records with Thala’s , Thalapathy’s and Baahubali’s. Most importantly content oriented films with no star crew tasted success big time.

As the industry evolved artists have evolved too. Female leads upgraded themselves to take up challenging roles from being a character to fill the screen space.

Here we have listed few female roles that we found well performed in 2017.

All these roles haven’t been numbered as all are unique to their own kind .


The Very first female character we present to you is ANGEL from the film LENS.

Angel is a character who is Dumb. This role was played by VINUTHA LAL, malayalam actress. 

Vinutha lal has emoted really well this character which makes us feel really subdued. It’s a gutsy role and not many would have accepted and she justified it. 

This is a critically acclaimed film censored with so we don’t know how many have saw this film. If You haven’t do watch in any possible way.



Kadugu is a less acclaimed film of 2017 . Though it had a poor run at Box office this film was appreciated by meme creators in their posts.

The character Radhika prasidha played was an unusual one. She was a school teacher at a remote village who was arrested for getting indulged in prostitution at her early teen. Her flashback had so depth which demands a very good performance and people who watched the film would rate her at top.


Followed by SUDAR VIZHI from MEYYADHA MAAN played by a Debutant INDHUJA RAVICHANDRAN .

Meyyadha Maan was an under dog at the Box-office for Diwali which released along with the Biggie Mersal!

Sudar Vizhi was a supporting role in the film but the energy shown by Indhuja ravichandran caught many hearts and her Chennai slang of Tamil connected audience much. She won many hearts with her performance and people noticed this energitic second heroine and a lead product in future.


Tamil Cinema has numerous notable sex worker roles here is one which failed to reach that status.
Famous VJ SANDRA AMY debuted as a lead in SIGAPPU ENAKU PIDIKUM. She played a Sex worker character called MAHIMA. 

This film was marketed as a soft porn film and the making too seem poor. This film had an idealogy of legalising prostitution to prevent women from Rape! This was a controversial subject and Sandra Amy being a VJ played this role without any fear of her image later !


When frames were flooded with men here comes MAGALIR MATTUM a film about women.
There are 4 female lead characters and we can’t pick just one from them as each characters have their own version.

It had a average run at Box office but the values portrayed by the 4 females related us with our surrounding.

A Must watch for all women out there who thinks marriage is the ultimate end.


Not Just HIT films have some morale even Flops Do. NERUPPU DA was one of the flops this year but is present in this list due to the character ANNAM played by SANGEETHA KRISH.

Annam is a suspense character in Neruppu Da who is revealed in the climax as the main antagonist. The biggest surprise was Annam is a transgender who wants to take revenge for her husbands death.

Usually Male artistes are the one’s who take up this kind of challenging roles for the first time a female took up a challenge.


Psychopath’s are one of physically demanding roles and here is SAI DHANSIKA who balanced a loving wife and a Mentally Ill writer in the film URU.

URU was a critically acclaimed film in which Dhansika has to play a role of a loving wife, JENNIE who wants to protect herself from a assasin and lately to be revealed as a sick person who experiences all the violence in her mental world.

She has already played a Tomboy kind of a role in Kabali last year and Uru was no surprise from a talent of her kind.


While women were used to cry all time NIKKI GALRANI took us to a laughter ride with MARAGATHA NAANAYAM.

CHANAKAYA the role in which Nikki said to be a dead body with a foreign soul in!
Everytime Nikki utters the dialogue it was all fun and laugh because she had a rustic male voice which was too far for a beauty like her.



Here comes Mani Sir’s Girl in this list!
Dr.LEELA ABRAHAM in KAATRU VELIYIDAI played by ADITI ROY HYDARI is one of the well written female leads this year in tamil cinema.

Leela is a girl who demands equal possession with his love who is a male dominant character yet loves her whole heartedly.

As we all know Mani sir brings only best from his artistes Leela performed to his reputation.


Here comes the Lady from 2017 ‘s top grosser MERSAL!

Aishwarya Vetrimaran played by NITHYA MENON is an another feather in the hat role for a performer like her.

The weightage of her role in flash back gave the required push to the storyline and getting to notice while sharing screen with THALAPATHY VIJAY tells us what she could have done in this role.


A female Centric film that released in december called to be the BEST FILM OF 2017.

ARUVI from ARUVI , played by ADITI BALAN. A Debutant who did a Chiyaan Vikram kind of a role and became a talk of the town.

Since it has its run in theatres nothing to be said but if you are a film lover who loves content oriented films and if you happen to miss this in theatre then tell yourself you are CURSED.


We all Knew ANDREA JEREMIAH could act but could she carry a entire film on her back ? Yes She Did.

Andrea Gave two films back to back that shows what a pro acting is.

TARAMANI‘s ALTHEA JOHNSON A lone mother raising a child finds a relationship later and AVAL‘s LAKSHMI who is a pillar to his ghost attacked husband. With Vada Chennai on her bag Andrea is the one to look out even next year.


The Princess of Mahilmathi is here!

ANUSHKA SHETTY ‘s 5 years hardwork for Baahubali franchise came to end this year. It was challenging for her as she wants to look old in the first part and younger for the second.

She bagged a big fish she worked hard and Success was the outcome! The Lady superstar race is on as she is coming up with a female centric script in 2018 , Bhagmathi.



Last but not the least!

The most profitable lead actress NAYANTHARA called as Lady Superstar had two female centric releases this year and both turned to be a profit venture.

DORA‘s PAVALAKKODI and ARAMM‘s MADHIVADHANI are the roles that showed the world that even women can pull off Massy stuff similar to Men.

Thus Nayanthara retained her Top spot with Velaikkaran to release this weekend.

The Above list of Top actress are only based on performance and characterization. The Male opposite and Box office numbers had nothing to do with it.


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