Ajith – the most celebrated name of Kollywood , The Most profitable actor in the Industry and what else the Dream Boat of aspiring youngsters and upcoming Talents in Various fields. Lenzografy takes a great honor to write this post as a part of his Birthday Celebration.


Before, Getting into the content Lenzografy Wishes THALA AJITH a Very Happy birthday .

As MAY 1 is in reach , Ajith Fan’s and the whole of the kollywood is getting ready with the celebration process. The biggest delight for the fans is the Release of VIVEGAM – TEASER.

Vivegam is one of the most anticipated movies of Kollywood this year . With all the muscular looks , dare devil stunts and triology rumours the Teaser of this Film is on its way.

With This Best Birthday treat for the Fans and movie lovers. Adding to the Spicy Delight Lenzografy adds this post.



Though the Stardom of Thala Ajith is one of the biggest in the industry he loves to stay away from the spotlight.

He even avoids his own film promotions stating that ” A Good Film Is a Promotion by itself “.

Though he never wants the limelight , Media and his Fans never let him run away.

They have always made a mark of him where ever it is possible.

Even it is rare to see films without Ajith reference these days.

Every single news about Ajith goes Viral in the internet and He is one of the very few to be deserving this.



The Untold Story about Magazines are they are sold for the images more than the contents present in them. Though Ajith never gives frequent interviews and with the trend setting salt and pepper look has never failed to be on the covers of various popular regional,national and international magazines.

This Proves his Stardom for sure, also his reputation of handsome looks and profits that he attains to them.

Lenzografy is proud to present you the Cover pics from various magazines featuring our Thala .

A Quick Rewind Of Vivegam Stills for You