Once Again Chennai In Headlines:

Chennai… Chennai… Chennai…!!!

People following News regularly won’t have Skipped this Word in Recent times repeatedly. Starting from Tsunami in 2004 till Chennai Floods in 2015 chennai has been affected widely affected by natural disasters and human errors like Corruption , bribe , accidents, Political chaos are happening at other side too.

After Late CM J.Jayalalithaa’s Demise a sense of insecurity can be seen in normal people .

It is Clear that the people of Tamil Nadu have openly expressed a lack of control in the government . With All these aside now a new happening of Chennai is Bus Strike .

MTC Backbone of a Metro City:

A Metropolitan City is always known for a proper hospitality for its citizens.

Transportation is one of the key feature in a Metro city when compared with other rural cities. MTC, Metropolitan Transportation Commission takes care of Public Transport in a metro city.

Drivers of the public transport vechile such as Buses will be vastly experienced and will be given proper training on every aspects Such as Passenger and Road Safety.

Passengers who uses public transport gets into the vechile only with trust on the Drivers hoping to reach the destination Safely.

Driving is ain’t no joke ,that too a heavy vechile holds a additional pressure.

Think about this, A Bus Driver working under MTC must drive a heavy vechile holding 50 to 150 passengers crowded in a Peak Traffic hour with a proper temperament in a bad road condition with a insane riders along side.

Its just that pressurized Job .



Bus Strike in a metropolitan city like Chennai has clearly affected the normal life of people vastly. Private Vechiles using this as chance to earn and are collecting higher amount on each passenger.

To tackle this Situation , The Transport minister has made an announcement that “People with Heavy vechile licence and other heavy vechile drivers can drive the MTC buses and will be given daily wages for their work until this issue is solved”.

Firstly, We have to appreciate the government for doing their best . This move will surely be a warning sign for the Drivers as it will make them realize that they can be replaced anytime.

My Experience in 147c:

Today(16/5/2017) , the government has promised to run 1000 MTC buses all-over chennai.

I happened to take 147C for reaching T nagar (A point to note is that the vechiles operating now are only Deluxe buses, which costs higher than normal white and green board buses).

With  minimum buses on road we can imagine how crowded the buses would end up.

In that crowded bus i happened to saw the person in the driving seat wearing a casual blue shirt which clearly shows he isn’t a government employee (No uniforms).

Secondly was the ticket collector. He too was wearing a normal tshirt and it took hardly 10 minutes to find who the actual ticket collector is.


Then Began my journey to T-nagar on the foot board . The bus was that congested .

As The 1st gear went and when the clutch was released the bus took off with a jerk. That’s so unusual way of a MTC bus begining to move. People who have travelled in MTC often would know what i’m defining.

That Jerk made it clear that he is a new driver for handling a public transport. that jerk wasn’t a temporary one it continued till i stepped down from the bus.

Speed levels of the vechile were varying he didn’t maintain a good flow throughout the journey.

The weirdest thing that happen was his turnovers . I felt he lost his mind that he is controlling a Public transport vechile where 50 to 100 passengers on board.

This broke many people trust on him. i found any people inside the bus stepping down even before their destination arrived.

A Passenger who was in foot-board got scratched on the Bus door due to sudden turns and breaks by him.

While he reached his stop he went near the driver and showed his scars with blood to him said “Drive careful brother You have lot of people inside and also on the roads beliving you” , this is the exact words translated in english that he spoke.

In one of the Turnings near Panagal park Stop he almost clipped a Auto and by the sudden break he applied A women passengers Bag went flying and many tumbled inside the bus.

Though the auto driver was blammable, he(bus driver) couldn’t control his nerves.

These incidents made me realize what a beginner and a professional posses. This was a one hell of a learning . Finally i reached T-nagar and Thanked him .


  • Should people suffer for the EGO clash between MTC Workers and Government?
  • What happen to the amount to be paid by the Government to the MTC workers?
  • Is there anyone behind this Strike with a political motive?
  • Who will take responsibility if there is any negative outcomes of this inexperienced drivers?
  • Did MTC behaved against their social responsibility?
  • Did Government Act against the Government Workers?