Well, Before Getting into this Devasena V Bhalwaal Deva The Untold story let me first clear it out that this is a imaginary concept and does’t make any sense to the original version of Rajamouli’s epical Baahubali. Its just a way of my perception of what if Baahubali didn’t exist and What if Devasena had a fight against Magilmathi’s Mighty ruler Bhalwaal Deva.

It is just a way of developing a story inside a Story you saw.

Character Sketch:

The characters are originally drafted from Baahubali. Here We have used only Two of Them.

  • Devasena, played by Anushka Shetty
  • Bhalwaal Deva, Played by Rana Daggubati

*Though You all know who they are , an introduction is required as its a imaginary episode we have developed.


Devasena is a Bold , Beautiful and Forward thinking women who was born in one of the royal families of Magilmathi.

She is well skilled in archeries, horse riding , hunting . owning all skills equal to that of a man she sets a statement that both Men and women are equal and was a inspiration for many women in that empire.

Bhalwaal Deva:

Bhalwaal Deva is a Strong and powerful mighty ruler of Magilmathi Empire. He is the Antogonist in this episode.

People feared him for his outlook and personal characteristics.

He is an aggressive conquer and doesn’t mind the virtues of humanity.

Devasena V Bhalwaal Deva :

Magilmathi, The Land of Richness is a place where people tend to live happily with health and wealth  equally shared with all.

Bhalwaal Deva the prince of Magilmathi took charge of Magilmathi empire after winning the war against Kaalakeya .

After becoming The King of Magilmathi Empire , The darkness inside Bhalwaaal Deva took over him. He Felt him the superior and started to create chaos in the lives of Magilmathi people.

He took back the lands give by his family from the people, collected huge taxes for food and water and made people slaves who apposed this.

The land of richness slowly became the land of darkness.

Devasena , on seeing this felt there must be something done to stop this and gave all her properties i support for the poors.

This made her so famous as a leader from people’s perspective.

Hearing this Bhalwaal Deva lost his cool and warned Devasena to stop doing this. This heated up things between Devasena and Bhalwaal Deva.

The Break-out:

One fine day, Devasena went to temple . There she found parted ways for the rich and poor saying that its a king’s order.

To tackle this she used the way for the poor to enter the temple.

while entering she found a Minister in Bhalwaal Deva’s Cabinet misbehaving and molesting women’s .

She lost her cool on this incident and when she went near him the minister was about to lay his hands on her.

Thus it all began when she grabbed a knife and sliced the fingers of the minister.

Later She was Accused for this act and was imprisoned without proper investigation.

In Jail, She was mercilessly treated same as a war slave.

She lost all her young age inside a prison and all her prettiness was vanished. With a tore saree for years without proper shelther in Hot Sun and heavy storms she looked like a witch.

She waited for the right turn and one fine day she got that . she jumped out of prison and took a revolt against Bhalwaal Deva’s Army with people’s support and burnt him alive .

Thus, Justice was Served by all her Struggle.

People of Magilmathi Made her the Queen of Magilmathi and all was set normal by that.


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