AAA1D – Anbanavan Asaradhavan Adangadhavan 1D :

AAA1D -Anbanavan asaradhavan adangadhavan 1st Dimensional is Written and directed by Adhik Ravinchandran Starring Silambarasan Thesingu Rajendran (a) STR , Shriya Saran , Tamannah Bhatia , Mahat Ragavendra, VTV Ganesh and many others Stars from the industry.

This is a 32nd film of STR and a much awaited one . With all the hype of 3STR’s , 3 heroines , A bigger caste and STR-Yuvan combo. Where popularly trended in social media like Adhik-STR The Beep and Bitt together.

AAA1D released on Jun 23rd,2017 . This was done in a short time as the crew splitted the film into 2 Dimensions as they felt they had all the ingredients for a dual venture.

You know its a much expected film and a Bigger Hero film when you get special shows for 6AM on a first day. This happened to AAA1D which made a mark in the industry that STR has a never faded Star power . But, Unfortunately the special shows didn’t happen due to KDM issues.

But the shows began at 12PM . It is notable that the film collected 36lakh in chennai alone on day 1.

Now to get into critics, this film hasn’t created a impact on an normal viewer.

Though this film was targeted for STR fans and Commercial film lovers it still was lagging by much.

A commercial film will always don’t get more than 3 Stars but this film even failed to get 2 stars from all leading medias.


  • STR screen-presence was the highlight which will engage all STRians with the screen. STR’s Intro will make wonders in Big Screen.
  • Yuvan shankar Raja once again made a mark with his BGM`s Especially the Madura Michael Theme and Ashwin Thatha theme.
  • With just 2 songs in this flick both the choreographers Robert and Sathish gave a visual treat. Special Mention for the Trend song  , Tamanna can be called Lady Prabhu deva in future. She just nailed it.
  • STR’s philosophical dialogues got good responses. It may be because it was from STR. While others didn’t create an impact.
  • The camera Works had some blistering colour tone. The Madura Michael scenes clearly gave the 80’s flavour.


  • The Hero praisal in the film is more than adequate level where almost every scene contained an unknown and Unwanted characters entering and starts praising the Hero. Though a commercial flick and a Hero like STR needs hero praisal this only created a pinch of irritation.
  • As the story is splitted into Two dimensions the crew seem to added scenes to increase the time length which clearly tested the patience of the audience which was clearly seen by the voices inside the theatre.
  • As quoted above in the Pros the diaogues other than STR’s didn’t create an impact. This is because they had so much double meaning aspects which even went vulgarly at some point. Though youngsters were targeted that vulgarity didn’t workout even among them.
  • The Comedies were major back drop as it didn’t workout in many areas.
  • The screenplay had a draggy state . Even for a normal flow of the scene Yuvan was made to play intense music to make the audience be in rhythm. But at some point the audience was made to realise that they are witnessing just a normal stuff.
  • The impact STR had in the first half was not carried in the second , maybe for the old getup but somewhere the screenplay could have changed for that.
  • Artists like Kovai Sarala , YG Mahendran had no scope to lift the movie.

With all these Pros and cons the crew should be aware that it’s an STR film where Men, women and Children will be coming to theatres and they should have delievered a responsible product. It was very disappointing to See majority of the people went with a down face.

Though Adhik and STR stated that this film is only for Youths and STR fans there is no separate theatres built for them. Satisfying only STR fans won’t give you a verdict of Blockbuster.

Lenzografy concludes it by saying Disappointing AAA1D . Hope AAA2D will overcome this disaster.

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